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* Do you know what the Reverse DNS service is?

Suggested article: What is Reverse DNS?

Reverse DNS (rDNS) performs exactly the opposite to a Forward DNS. It maps IP addresses to hostnames. The main goal of the Reverse DNS is to give a method to verify the IP addresses and prove that they are related to a particular domain name.

It is mainly necessary when we are talking about the verification of mail servers or other services. So, in case you want your emails to be delivered successfully to your recipients, you should consider implementing such a service. Not having Reverse DNS and no PTR records configured accurately will lead all the emails you are sending to the SPAM folder.

The PTR record, also known as a pointer record, produces the mapping we need: IP address to hostname. It would be best if you created it in the Reverse DNS zone.

On the following page, if you are interested, you can read more about Reverse DNS service in detail!