3 Mistakes In Marijuana Pos That Make You Look Dumb

The issue is when people hear the word biometrics they conjure up images of go ahead they conjure up images of bigbrother images and that there is some mathematically I’m here with respects to your biometrics and that.

marijuana pos

This is a another way that Big Brother is tracking your activity and so on and so forth and and that is completely not true you know this is safer and in fact leaves your identity and your personal information less vulnerable because you’re not using your driver’s license information and the like whether what ended up happening was we were presenting this technology to in another state and a number of people.

Who had seen our demonstration approached us afterwards and we didn’t realize they were in the audience so they approached us afterwards and say you know if you could tailor this technology and add an inventory tracking feature to it we would be very interested in using this in the in the marijuana space and that it is from there.

That bio track THC as a seed to sale commercial system was born using the kind of the real-time anonymous biometrics database as the foundation we built the the seed to sale tracking originally it was a biometrics based Chain of Custody tracker so as a as an operator in the grow for example in order to move a plant from one room to another you would scan the barcode of that individual plant and.

As employees scan your biometric taking accountability and custody of that plants checking it out of that room moving it to another room in another location and you know check it back in and again authenticate that action with your biometric and so it was again a full from seed to sale custody tracker utilizing biometrics we still utilize that to this day in our system I’d say about half of our customers do use that in lieu.

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